Serving the community


Lifeway mission/EPI giving free medication as an access ministry  to the community in Kwale County which will open new doors for the disciple makers and church planters.

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Medical Camp


LWMI/EPI medical camp going on in Kwale county Mombasa to enhance and create DMM movement  as compassionate ministry.

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One God, One Mission and make Disciple


We thank God for the global catalyst camp about 115 people turned up from 21 countries, and different people shared their testimonies on how disciple making movement is effective in their country. Others who have never in Disciple Making Movement realized that it was a moment of mind shift.

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4 days away

edit group

The big day we had been praying and waiting for is around the corner only 4 days remaining for the catalyst camp to begin God willing on Tuesday of 13/6/17. visitors will start arriving from Saturday and the registration will be on Monday while others already registered.

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Successful ending


We are so much grateful to God and all of you who supported us in one way or the other, ITI began on Monday and ended successfully today. Lets continue praying for this leaders who attended this meeting to go and put in practice what he/she has learnt in order to make disciple who make…

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ITI training on going


We thank God for the leadership training for the third generation disciple making leaders that is on at our center in Nairobi-Kenya. 53 leaders from different counties in Kenya are gathered this week to sharpen their leadership skills and transform their lives for the glory of God. Subjects like New Testament survey, Life shaped by…

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The 3rd day of ITI training, we thank God the classes are going on well, our church planters and leaders encouraged by the teachings, as the teachers are in the class other group from same team calling leaders one by one and praying for them.

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The drilling started manually at Vunga but the hard rock was very near. Due to that TAK had to hire a rig to do it mechanically. The process of acquiring one took time and at the same time the rains pounded heavily. After advice from Water4 , TAK suspended its drilling up to June/July to…

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Responding to the Drought


The ongoing drought in Kenya has hit very many people. Our prayer has been that we could help in giving food and water to affected people in the areas we have DMM going on as an access or mercy ministry. We thank the Lord God for providing and were able to supply one twenty (120)…

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Water for life


At chimambani in kwale county lifeway catalytic team in partnership with water 4life and TAK were able to commission the launch of drilling 25 wells for the local community yesterday . The community has been counting on the rain for water , however the drought situation in the country not having water has been a…

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