Ajumini Relief: Sharing the love of Jesus by Serving Sudanese Refugees


Lifeway Mission  team arrived to Gulu district at night, and spent the night in hotel included brother Moses Andruga the field leader from Free Evangelical Church in Pagirinya camp. We had meeting after we had our supper, including our driver who came with us from Kampala. In the morning early we went back to Bweyale town to buy the food items, because we have our customer which bought the food from him last time and he said he don’t have enough maize flour and he took us to another market.

We bought 600 Maize Flour and 150 bags for Beans. We planned to give 150 KGs for each family from Maize Flour and 37.5 Kgs for Beans. It was great celebration for refugee to receive these ratios in one time and they were saying this it never happen and we will get more in testimonies

After we bought the food items we went direct to the camp because we were carrying the clothes with us and we went to church compound where people waiting there and the field team made a good plan that all people will not come in one time because it will not take a lot attention in the camp and might cause problem like other groups who faced problems because of food distribution.

We finished peacefully and we came back to the hotel for night and returning back to Bweyale camp for next distribution.