2017 the year of bearing fruits, therefore the Kenyan team focused on bearing much fruits in making disciples. Intentionality of bearing fruits resulted to birth of 210 DBS groups, 331 Churches planted ,1,737 New disciples, 938 baptisms and 989 leaders were trained. Among the Borana people group we have witnessed up to 20 generations, Turkana 20 generation, Orma 5 Generations and among the affinity group in Nairobi Slums up to 8 generations, in the equipping hubs we have witnessed 265 Trained as Coaches (TOT) of this 141 new leaders have been deployed just to mention a few of the happenings.
As part of how journey we have also experienced challenges and failures about 151 Churches previously planted ceased to exist or while others merge or absorbed by Churches that are not catalytic in seeing movement.