Our ministry is about loving God’ our neighbors and make disciples that will Obey Christ, and so the following are what we consider our Key DNA of approach to our ministry:

  1. We are God’s Mission movement Organization 

That we focus on reaching the unreached people groups (UPGS) by:

  • Making Disciples through CPM/ DMM
  • Develop generational leaders for the movement
  • Respond to human needs by enhancing sustainable livelihood projects
  • Serving and supporting the persecuted believers because of their faith in Christ
  1. We are God’s servants

That we serve God and His world always by depending on Him as a faith Mission (God’s work, done in God’s way will not lack God’s provision) – LWMI responds to human needs as part of our incarnational holistic approach

Our programs are directed by our vision and mission which makes us effective and efficient to accomplish our God give mandate and not to depend on anyone. Since we know that God can use anyone to support what we do for God.

  1. We are committed to on-going Leadership Development

 As a ministry that focuses on reaching the unreached in 10/40 window countries LWMI will value on-going leadership development of many emerging generational leaders who will take this movement to a different levels.

  1. We do pray and value prayers all the time

 We always pray, and initiate prayer movement is all our programs. The virtue of our calling and missions, our ministry focuses on prayers knowing that we can’t do anything unless the Lord helps us and so we will pray all the time.

  1. We are found and grounded on the Scriptures

Our ministry is guided by the word of God and total dependency on the Holy Spirit