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What's DMM?

Disciple Making Movement (DMM) is the heartbeat of Lifeway Mission International. We are passionately committed to making disciples who make disciples by engaging with our local communities to meet the immediate needs of the people. We believe that through practical love people will discover eternal truth.

The Four Wheels of Lifeway

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Church Planting

Jesus said "I will build my church . . . " (Matthew 16:18); therefore, we are not the church builders, but the catalysts. We believe our calling is to plant the seed of the Gospel with those we encounter. A church emerges as a natural and spontaneous response to that seed growing through effective discipleship when men and women decide to gather together for prayer, worship, fellowship, baptism, and accountability. 

Lifeway's focus is on the unreached people groups (UPG) which means, by definition, the areas we venture are hard to reach because of physical barriers. There are no roads. Most of the people groups are illiterate, or there are limited materials in the native languages.  Lifeway assists church leaders reach their communities through various initiatives. 

  • Motor Bike Project: To physically mobilize the Pastors, Lifeway gifts motorbikes to help Pastors reach their communities quickly and safely. Motorbikes are easier to maneuver on the unpaved terrain, allowing them to eliminate the hours a day they would have to spend walking to engage.

  • Bible Distribution: To provide both written and audio Bibles in the native languages.

  • Leaders of Encouragement: To regularly send additional leaders to encourage the Pastors and church members during their gatherings.

  • Financial Sponsorship: To financially assist Country, Regional, and Local Missionaries.

If you are interested in being involved in mobilizing church planting among the indigenous people groups in the world, here is how you can help: 

  • Give a Bicycle to a missionary

    • $110 per bike

  • Fundraise to Gift a Motorbike

    • $1,200 per bike

  • Join us in reaching our Goal of providing Bibles to 10,000 people

    • Initiative Goal $50,000

    • Print Bible $8 each

    • Audio Bible $38 each

  • Take a trip to encourage the Pastors

    • Please contact us to coordinate a trip.

  • Become a Sponsor

    • $30/month towards Regional Leaders

    • $50/month towards Local Missionaries

    • $60/month towards Country Leaders

Upcoming Events

May 22nd - 24th
DMM Leadership Summit (Northern Uganda)

June 10th - 14th
DMM Catalyst Camp (Nairobi, Kenya)

June 15th
M24:14 Consult (Nairobi, Kenya)

Ongoing Projects

Motor Bike Project
Goal of Bibles for 10,000 People
Sponsor a Leader

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Leadership Development

Jesus equipped an unqualified group of fishermen, tax collectors and ordinary flawed people to be the leaders of the early church. Throughout Jesus' gatherings and teachings, we see how He qualifies the called by training and developing His followers into leaders of the faith. We believe education is a catalyst for development, so our initiatives include regular trainings and targeted educational events.

Our Leadership Development program includes:

  • Biblical Education

  • Leadership Mentoring and Coaching

  • Lifeway Economic Empowerment Program [LEEP]: Many areas we operate are not open to Christianity, so we provide business trainings and seed money to local leaders so they have a reason to be in the unreached communities, with the intention of developing a community of believers. The startup cost varies depending on the business.

  • Monthly Grassroots Equipping Meetings

If you are interested in being involved in developing leaders among the indigenous people groups in the world, here is how you can help:

  • Attend Regional DMM Training Conferences to build relationships

  • Teach a Business Development Workshop to our local leaders

  • Provide Biblical Training for Pastors

  • Help start a small business through LEEP

    • One-time gift towards seed money

      • $700 for Grocery Shops, Textile Shops, or Goats and Cattle

      • $1200 for Commercial Farming or Larger Market Stores

      • $3000 for Water Cistern for a community of 3 Pastors

Upcoming Events

March 1st - 5th
Lydia Cycle Training (Narok, Kenya)

March 4th - 7th
Freedom to Lead Regional Training (Nairobi, Kenya)

March 25th - 29th
Lydia Cycle Training (Nairobi, Kenya)

May 27th - 31st
ITI Leadership Training (Nairobi, Kenya)

June 19th - 29th
Frontline Theology Conference (Marsabit, Kenya)

October 14th - 18th
ITI Leadership Training (Nairobi, Kenya)

November 18th - 21st
Freedom to Lead Training (Nairobi, Kenya)

Ongoing Projects

Sponsor LEEP

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Serving the persecuted

Jesus was persecuted. He warns, "If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it has hated you" (John 15:18). Lifeway exists in regions where they encounter religious persecution on a regular basis. The people groups we are reaching, are historically animistic tribal religions or come from devout Muslim backgrounds. Because we have faced persecution and excommunication in many forms, we are committed to serving the persecuted church. 

All too often in the areas we exist, new believers are disowned by their families and communities. Some are even imprisoned for their faith. We come alongside these individuals and families, both financially, physically, and spiritually to support and encourage them. 

Because of the sensitive nature of this topic and security of our leaders on the ground in certain regions, we choose to keep the specifics of our involvement quiet. Please trust our discretion. 

If you are interested in being involved in serving the persecuted believers among the indigenous people groups in the world, here is how you can help:

  • Support for Persecuted Believers

    • $30/month towards supporting the families of imprisoned persecuted believers

Upcoming Events

No specific events are planned at this time

Ongoing Projects

Support for Persecuted Believers

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Socio-Economic Development

Jesus fed the hungry; He healed the blind. Lifeway mirrors Jesus' example through socio-economic development projects. We believe that to love people, we must care for both their spiritual and physical well-being. To break down barriers of acceptance, Lifeway is involved in humanitarian relief projects, as well as micro-finance and business endeavors to break the cycles of poverty. 

The areas where Lifeway operates are typically classified as "unreached", not only to the Gospel, but also to many basic human needs like water, education and medicine because of a lack of access to the regions. We are committed to holistically reaching the unreached people in our communities through multiple socio-economic initiatives. 

If you are interested in being involved in socio-economic development among the indigenous people groups in the world, here is how you can help:

  • Emergency Relief

  • Water for Life

    • $30/month provides clean water to a person

    • $200/month provides clean water to a family

    • Fundraise for a one-time gift of $3,000 to provide a water cistern to a community

  • Women Empowerment Projects

    • $150 micro-finance loan to support small business development

  • Child Sponsorship

  • Basic Education

  • Join a Medical Missions Team

  • Literacy Program

Upcoming Events

February 25th - 27th
Hope International (Nairobi, Kenya)

March 24th - April 4th
Mercy Alliance Medical Clinic (Isiolo, Kenya)

June 19th - 29th
EPI Medical Clinic (Loiyangalani, Kenya)

Ongoing Projects

Water for Life
Women's Empowerment Projects
Child Sponsorships
Basic Education
Literacy Program