Emergency food relief


The drought situation in Kenya has been so devastating to families across the regions of Turkana, Marsabit, Samburu and Mandera. Pastoralist communities of whom livestock rearing is their livelihood has been affected so greatly, Children dropping off from school, Women with young children left by their husbands and the Youths migrating away in search of water and food Tensions building up to the point of communities of  different dialects raiding each other and even killing to survive. Ranches in the vicinity of these communities have not been spared although they engaged the communities in trying to provide for them as best they could.

Statistics from UNICEF indicate that over 175,000 children have dropped from school due to the effect of drought to this day.

To this LifeWay international Mission in conjunction with its partners and friends responded as God provided and took up the challenge as  and in a God fearing  response undertook to act as God would provide. The gifts were well received by the communities who in most cases were from the Muslim background..

In one area an elderly woman grabbed tightly the hand of the team members and spoke in Borana, however the expression of the face and the tight grip spoke of a heart of gratitude

In January LifeWay distributed 100,000 liters of water, 50 bags of maize and 25 bags of beans. The areas that benefited were Manyatta Jillo, Garqasa, Horobotha, Dakabaricha and Manyatta Afya

In the month of April Lifeway and her partners and friends moved into others regions of Wolde, Sololo and Elbori. Lifeway team was able to distribute 3500 kg of maize, 1000 kg of beans and 120 litres of cooking oil.